Aadhar link with mobile number

It is mandatory to link your aadhar card with your mobile number as your mobile is the key to your bank and acommunication credential.

Govt. of India made aadhar rule 2016 and made it madatory for the citizen so that transperancy can be gained to the bank transaction and many many benefits with ease. 

In the other hand there is posiblilty to misuse of aadhar data if hacked or purposefully missued by anybody.
Still as per the hon’ble Supreme Court Order it is mandatory to reverify mobile KyC with Aadhar card.

This can be done by verify biometric credential woth the help of nearest retailer shop . or by verifyong it with OTP (in case you have updated mobile number in aadhar database)
The number  to call is 14546 it is toll free and you have to follow the instruction by calling the number.
Steps (follow the voice IVR carefully)

1. Call 14546 

2. Type aadhar number 

3. You will receive an OTP

4. verify OTP with mobile

5. get the message of successful verification