About Us

About Us

The mabia.in website is developed for the daily needs of a student in hostel life. It provides the students’ services like Printing, Book Purchasing, Online Shopping, and Educational Guide. The website started its journey on 6th may 2014 online. Before that the service was provide by the owner of the site manually consulting the students. The main attraction is that it is the cheapest.

Cheapest How

Remember this website is developed by a student of 4th year and he suffered a lot with the problems of high price in his life and when he researched then he found that the business owner trick their products sold by them to individual users is of high price and the same product when sold to the whole sale is very cheap. Then the student clicked a reverse trick if we but products in bulk in our hostel and use them sharing within ourselves then the price is much cheaper to us. That is the motive to make the use of the service cheapest.

Since the very first year the owner used the trick to make the products cheaper within its own network and then he made his lifestyle free by serving the college students. Services offered like

  1. Cheapest Print.
  2. Cheapest Hosting (shared among themselves)
  3. Cheapest internet usage( Sharing among themselves)
  4. Cheapest Shopping guide.
  5. Guide to earn online.
  6. Teaching others the most advanced knowledge in the technical field
  7. Online Recharge
  8. Online Cash Back
  9. Guide to find the best online tools to make life easier.
  10. Many more …

Thus the students got benefitted from the services provided in last three years online and 5 years in offline.

WE AIM to make the service the best among all providers with the help of you guys.