Eid Mobarak

The proper greetings of Eid is


May Allah Accept Those (Si`wam) of mine and yours.

Meet Superior to Grow

There was a time in spite of being good student have failed to do desired things . I started to learn mptovational videos eyc on you tube and once I remembered a teachings from one of my elders that “To grow /become sucess meet people superior than you ” If you meet inferior then it is going to ruin you and you cannot sucess. The thing happened to me when I stopped meeting knowledgible people I failed and failed. Then by the grace of Allah when I meet people superior I feel the changes in me. I will thank those for my start of sucess.

Earn by Uploading Photos

Have you heard of this kind of earning opportunity ? If you like to shoot photos tjen it is a very good chance for you to earn some good bucks . To day we will show you the application where you can upload the pictures.

The app works in the procedure that any body can uplpad pictures and when a buyer buy you picture you get paid . Are you thinking of who will buy your pic when they are available online ? No sir this is wrong thinking. There are lots of buyer who use to buy pictures of good quality and use them as their business magazine promotion banner etc relevant to their business. Beside they cannot use any

picture because of copy right issue.

The payment is made by pay pal when your balance is 5 USD only and you get it just just by a minimum of 2 sales . Each sale goves you 3 USD approximate or even more.

Now just downlpad the app from google play store. Go there and type Foap and downlpad the app. there is 2 option for login one is using facebook and another is using email id password. Login and enjoy the benefits.

Aadhar link with mobile number

It is mandatory to link your aadhar card with your mobile number as your mobile is the key to your bank and acommunication credential.

Govt. of India made aadhar rule 2016 and made it madatory for the citizen so that transperancy can be gained to the bank transaction and many many benefits with ease. 

In the other hand there is posiblilty to misuse of aadhar data if hacked or purposefully missued by anybody.
Still as per the hon’ble Supreme Court Order it is mandatory to reverify mobile KyC with Aadhar card.

This can be done by verify biometric credential woth the help of nearest retailer shop . or by verifyong it with OTP (in case you have updated mobile number in aadhar database)
The number  to call is 14546 it is toll free and you have to follow the instruction by calling the number.
Steps (follow the voice IVR carefully)

1. Call 14546 

2. Type aadhar number 

3. You will receive an OTP

4. verify OTP with mobile

5. get the message of successful verification

Purchased a new HP 5820 Printer as investment

Let us see if my new purchased printer make money or act as a liability to me. Today I have purchased an All in One printer. It can print , copy and scan. The model is manufactured by HP. The model number is 5820. Earlier in 2016 I have bought the Epson L 365 model which is giving me a lot. and today the new printer order has been placed on amazon.in to support the print at a new location other than the existing printer which is located some where in Kolkata and helps a 50 pupil to make their project print ready. They use the printer as a shared printer and enjoy the print service as  a own printer service. The printing cost is as low as 75 per page  and they enjoy the service of print like Sealdah or Jadavpur market.

The new hp printer will serve a new place of Murshidabad district and it will be asset definitely. The features of the hp printer is like :


It can print the color , black and white with manual both side print and at speed of 15- 20 pages per minute. The color takes a fer second more depending on the quality of the print. Single side print is more faster than the both side print as the turning is t be done manually.


It can scan upto 1200dpi and maximum tray size is little more than A4 you can adjust it to A4 ad the tme of installation or can set them when scanning. It scan faster and the scanning ability is good due to the advanced and easy features of it to scan.


The printer can copy both black and color copy instantly with its one touch button specified for copy work. There is a facility to copy multiple by pressing the copy button multiple times at the time of giving instruction.

Connectivity : The printer can be connected via usb cable and also via wifi  or via mobile hot spot creation. The printer can be accessed remotely over internet protocol this cloud printing service can be connected via google cloud printing service to make it accessible over the internet. It works both on Internet Protocol version 4 (ipv4) and or Internet Protocol Version 6 (ipv6) and vpn. You can use hp printing app or other app to send printing instruction and it is configurable so that you can select which email id can be used to send the print instruction .Thus security of printer is not so easy to to tamper.

Ink Tank:

The main benefit of this type of printer is the cost effective. The ink tank is easy to refill and the 4 color  ink tank can contain 70 – 100 ml of in each and can print up to 8000 color page in total and the 5000 pages for black only. Though this is the proposed data it gives you the 90% accuracy of pages number which can be printed by the original ink bottle.

It is recommended to use original ink as this keeps the ink and the print quality good and do not void the printer warranty. Do not use the compatible ink or local ink because this may damage the printing head and the cost of printing head is more costlier than the savings on the local ink. Besides the composition of the local ink may clot the the ink pigments when they are mixed with each other. Just like blood transfusion to non group may cause blood coagulation in the body and thus die of human being. Most of the printer gets the printing head dead as because of the ink quality used to print.

Cost of print: The average  per page print cost is the 8 paisa to 10 paisa for black print and for color it is 18-to 20 paisa. As of now in India, after GST, it has increased to 25% higher. So actual price is 15 paisa to 25 paisa per page. That is pretty much cheaper. Those who use bulk ink purchase may reduce it to up to 5 paisa less than the estimated. But I personally suggest not to buy ink in bulk. Because the long days ink is highly prone to coagulate and thus the  benefit  reverses into loss, when you buy the product  pleas use the manufacture date and the expiry.

How it is asset to me?

Yea, this printer cost me very less with the comparison to the available ink advantage cartridge or the ink cartridge. This cost around 5 INR to 8 INR. It is 80 to 100 time than that of the cost of  cartridge type printer. The main business trick of hp is ink cartridge there not the printer. After advanced ink tank printer appeared by Epson in India 5-6 years back this type of continuous ink supply system hp also started making this kind of ink tank printer and try to recover its ground of printing in India. Before it has grown the filed is already availed by epson . Most small business proprietor uses this Epson rather using hp Just because of following cause

  1. Cost of printer is less so initial investment is small
  2. Printing cost is bit lower with respect to epson
  3. Printing speed is higher in Epson than that of hp of similar price model
    The only good advantage of hp is Its Print Quality. It is Better than Epson. I am giving the link to tally the printer price and the comparison of them in the following link:


Hp Printer Image
Flipkart Price Check for Hp Printer
Epson l 385 Printer Image
Flipkart Price Check for Epson Printert

Swizerland of India 

এটা হলো ভারতের সুইজারল্যান্ড, এখানে যেতে নিতে হবে সরকারি অনুমতি http://www.headlinecamp.com/story/220097564228822?channel_id=109&host=http:%2F%2Fwww.headlinecamp.com&list_article_from=TopYaps&item_type=0&content_type=0&app=app_iflow&uc_param_str=dnvebichfrmintcpwidsudsvpfmt&ver=

Anibas.in Bengali Gojol Site


A large number of collection of gojols and waj in Bengali. This web site contains very good quality content of recitations. The Most demanded Islamic naat, gojols, waj and public talks are there in the website you can visit regularly to get newly updated videos, posts.

Beside getting such services you can also submit your recordings to the website where an admin approves or reject the upload depending on the quality of the recording or the content. Every day large number of audience visits the website and then they follow on you tube and face book pages.

The features of the website is you can have multiple option for hearing the mp3 s or download them into your mobile or in laptop / desktop you can also download the android application of anibas.in from google play store.


Gypsy Club Original BRAND DKGC-175-176 ULTIMATE COMBO Watch – For Men & Women

One of our user bought the product and we would like to hear the voice of the user on review of this product.

Price When ordered: 359 + free delivery (sponsored)

Name:Gypsy Club Original BRAND DKGC-175-176 ULTIMATE COMBO Watch – For Men & Women

Features: General-Style Code- Original BRAND DKGC-175-176


Occasion- Casual, Party-Wedding, Formal, Sports

Watch Type-Wrist Watch,Pack of- 2

Shock Resistance-No

Strap Material-LEATHER Strap

Case/Bezel Material-METAL

Box Material-CARD BOARD
Diameter-13.4 mm
 Warranty Summary


Covered in Warranty

Only Purchase DK Enterises The Mechanism Of The Watch Is Covered In Warranty.

Not Covered in Warranty-Battery,Glass,The Strap Or The Belt Of The Watch And Any Damages Caused By External Factors

Warranty Service Type-

The Customer Have To Send The Product To The Service Center Which Is Located In Delhi



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